Ukraine to buy modernized BTR-4E armored personnel carriers – Def. minister Poltorak


Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak has announced the ministry plans to increase financial resources for modernization and purchase of brand new equipment, in particular BTR-4E armored personnel carriers (APCs).

Photo from UNIAN
Photo from UNIAN

"Upon completion of the international specialized exhibition of arms, which opened in Kyiv [the 14th International Specialized Exhibition 'Arms and Security-2017,' October 10], a contract for the purchase of modernized BTR-4E's will be signed. This year, changes have been made to the state defense order. It is planned to significantly increase the order for the brand new Stugna and Corsar anti-tank missile systems for the Armed Forces of Ukraine," the minister wrote on Facebook on October 10.

Ukraine tests newest Corsar missile system (Photo)In addition, taking into account the financial resources that the ministry received this summer, signing the contracts and launching the production of Oplot main battle tanks are under way.

"If we compare the tasks facing the Armed Forces today and our opportunities, we may say that the army is equipped with the military hardware that allows combat tasks to be carried out. However, we all understand that the [military] equipment needs to be changed, and undergo modernization. The advantages that we see next year are the means of air defense, anti-tank weapons, means of electronic warfare, unmanned aerial vehicles, and other equipment that will significantly increase the combat capability of our Armed Forces," he wrote.

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