There is a lot of evidence that Russia is fighting in Donbas - Vershbow


The diplomat told this to the Echo of Moscow radio station.

Since NATO is not protecting Ukraine directly, then it's out duty to support the country that protects itself. Javelins and other means are a defensive weapon. They cannot be used to carry out aggression. You cannot capture a territory. Therefore, they are also a tool for deterrence. In other words, it's a signal to Russia that if many tanks that are located in Donbas are used to capture as much territory of Ukraine as possible, the price it will pay for it will be higher, he said.

According to Vershbow, although there are many tanks in Donbas that do not have Russian marking, we understand where they are from. In fact, the issue concerns a combination of Russian officers and generals who are veterans of many wars, he said.

There's a lot of evidence that Russia participates. And even official ceremonies when Putin presents awards to generals who supposedly come from Luhansk. Therefore, from a legal point of view, no matter how you mask it, this remains aggression, the U.S. diplomat said.

He also added that one of the great successes of Russian propaganda is that it has succeeded in persuading some in the West that that this conflict is a consequence of internal confrontation, internal problems.

This war would have ended long ago if Russia did not support separatists with its military command and arms, he said.