Ukraine files another suit against Russia with WTO


Ukraine has lodged a new lawsuit with the World Trade Organization against the Russian Federation concerning the restriction of imports of food and industrial products, as stated by Ukraine’s Trade Representative, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade Natalia Mykolska.


"Ukraine filed a new lawsuit against Russia in the WTO regarding the restriction of imports of food and industrial products. Today Ukraine sent a request for consultations with the Russian Federation," Mykolska wrote on Facebook.

According to the Ukrainian official, the suit concerns Russia's restrictions on the import of juices, beer, confectionery and wallpaper from Ukraine.

Ukraine preparing fourth claim against Russia to be lodged with WTO – trade envoy"In 2013-2015, Russia introduced a number of measures aimed at restricting the import of juices, beer, confectionery products, and wallpaper originating from Ukraine.As a result, the export of products to the Russian Federation, to the traditional market, has virtually ceased. Therefore, today, Ukraine sent a request for consultations with the Russian Federation on restrictive measures regarding the import of juices, beer and beer drinks, confectionery products, and wallpaper," the trade envoy wrote.

Mykolska has stressed that the latest suit is the third one filed with the WTO against Russia.

Reuters: Ukraine takes Kazakhstan to WTO over duties on steel pipesAs UNIAN reported earlier, in mid-February 2017, Ukraine, as a WTO member state, filed a lawsuit against Russia over the numerous transit restrictions imposed on Ukrainian goods by Moscow in 2016. In the winter of 2016, the export of Ukrainian goods to Russia was significantly restricted, and then a complete embargo was imposed on the export of food from Ukraine to Russia. In July last year, Russia continued the policy of trade restrictions, closing the transit of Ukrainian goods through its territory toward third countries, primarily Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

In late August, it was reported that Ukraine before year-end could file a lawsuit with the WTO over the supplies of agricultural products.

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