Ukrnafta: ProZorro helped saved UAH 59 mln

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Ukrnafta: ProZorro helped saved UAH 59 mln

"We joined ProZorro, 910 tenders for the sum of UAH 799 million [were held], and expected savings made up UAH 59 million. All regional centers use ProZorro," reads the report.

"Ukrnafta created 6 regional purchasing centers in Poltava, Okhtyrka, Pryluki, Dolyna, Nadvirna and Boryslav, which will serve all structural units in the region (previously, each structural unit had its own purchasing team). By consolidating the needs of several customers at the regional level, Ukrnafta now can get more favorable offers and conditions,” reads the report.

Ukrnafta noted that the procurement process has become more transparent and supervise.