Police raid Bitcoin mining farm in Kyiv


Kyiv police along with the SBU security service operatives have discovered 200 pieces of computer equipment set up for the generation (mining) of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin / REUTERS
Bitcoin / REUTERS

The “farm” operated at the premises of the state-owned Medical and Healthcare Center of Paton Electric Welding Institute, in violation of Ukrainian legislation, that’s according to the court ruling, published in the Unified State Register of Judicial Decisions.

During the pre-trial investigation, it was established that a group of persons conspired to create fake bank documents for the purpose of personal gain, the ruling stated.

"The issue and turnover of Bitcoin crypto currency surrogates are prohibited in Ukraine in line with Part 2 of Article 32 of the Law of Ukraine 'On the National Bank of Ukraine’," said the ruling.

Cointelegraph: Ukraine scheduled to install 150 Bitcoin ATMs in 2017The document also notes that the creation of bitcoins violates the requirements of the Laws of Ukraine "On the National Bank of Ukraine," "On Banks and Banking," and Article 9 of the Law of Ukraine "On Payment Systems and Transfer of Funds in Ukraine."

"Payment systems' organizations, their participants, and payment infrastructure service operators are entitled to operate in Ukraine only after their registration by entering data into the Register," the document says.

"The crypto currency is used as a means of payment through exchange transactions for e-money of official payment systems, by forging electronic payment orders and other banking documents," reads the court ruling.

Later, part of the generated currency is converted and transferred to bank accounts of fictitious companies through "wallets" of e-payment systems. Then intruders transfer the funds to card accounts and cash them.

As UNIAN reported earlier, in mid-June, the Kyiv Tax Police together with the National Police exposed an inter-regional criminal group whose members had illegally seized large sums of money by its legalization via crypto currency.

Bitcoin breaks $3,000 to reach new all-time high – mediaEarlier, the National Bank of Ukraine reported it was not responsible for possible risks and losses associated with the use of virtual currencies in settlement transactions.

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