Loud constant sound from 3.5mm mic

Hey guys,

So i built a new computer, and I would like to use my apple ear buds/mic by connecting through a splitter to my nzxt s340 front headphone/mic jacks respectively (msi b350m gamer pro motherboard). The problem is, whenever I connect the microphone male to the female of either the front mic jack or the rear one, there is just a loud constant sound and nothing else is picked up. I don't think it is grounding because this noise is like all there is and even with maximum boost nothing is picked up at all. I believe there is some setting or conflict somewhere that is causing this but don't know what to do.

 Any help would be appreciated. 

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http://w ww.techist.com/forums/f78/loud-constant-sound-3-5mm-mic-279434/ 

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