b2b videography tips

Marketers looking to make predictions for 2016 have flagged video as a growing platform for B2B marketers in the year ahead, and many marketing organizations have already hopped on the bandwagon. There are a lot of best practices for creating informative, engaging and sharable B2B video content, and Vidyard's "15 B2B Video Production Tips" .Mapping out a strategy for creating videos to engage audiences throughout the funnel is a key first step. "Timing and delivery are everything. For your videos to fill a void and motivate viewers to take the next step in their journey, it's crucial to know what they've already seen and create messaging for each stage of the funnel.'

For more information you can visit here: http://blog.advids.co/12-b2b-video-production-tips-to-drive-more-engagement/

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