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The global hotel industry revenue was $550 billion US dollars in 2016. Of course there is a huge surge in travel and new hotel chains are capitalizing. Running hotels are not an easy operation. Right from enquries, reservation, guest service, property management everything needs to be perfect. Thankfully modern hotels have useful software & solutions to reach this goal.

There are multiple hotel management solutions and software available to choose from. Hotel management software & solution providers are evolving their marketing by using videos to communicate value and educate new customers. Video marketing is increasingly being used by hotel management software to market their solutions.

Sabee App is an integrated, cloud hotel management system that automatically updates your rates and availability in real-time, across all major booking sites including your own website and Facebook business page.They are dedicated to adding new, innovative ways to simplify the administration of a hotel. They are also working on extra modules that help to increase the revenue of a hotel. The cloud hotel management video shows how Sabee system can making hospitality easy.

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