Looking behind the Digital Manifesto Bingo

Roland Baker 5

I have been reading the Tech UK responses to the party manifestos. Their caution reflects the concerns of their larger members, particularly of currently dominant ISPs, telcos, suppliers and service providers.

Some of these could seriously lose out if the post-Brexit political programme really does lead to a market-driven transition to a “gigaplus” world in which:

SMEs get 33% of government spend,

the same legislation/regulation/taxation applies on-line as off-line and

those who move IT offshore or import talent are “encouraged” to help train the natives.

But those who expect to “win” are also cautious. Implementing the pledges, so as to deliver the visions, will not be easy. As the Prime Minister says in her forward: “They do not offer a quick fix”.

Moreover, success requires large multinationals, (as well as the pension and sovereign wealth funds investing in those who will challenge the current market leaders over the next decade or so), to decide that post-Brexit UK is a good place in which to invest in profit-taking (and therefore tax-paying), global (not just pan-EU) production and service hubs.

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Roland Baker