How can Ukraine keep qualified workers from leaving country


Ukraine is losing grip of its able-bodied citizens. Everyone seems to be seeking jobs and decent salaries abroad - students and criminals, scholars and entrepreneurs… UNIAN asked labor market experts what Ukraine should to keep hold of its labor power.

Ukraine official casts doubt on one of main versions of Amina Okueva's murder


Ukraine’s Deputy Minister for temporary occupied territories and internally displaced persons George Tuka said that the murder of Amina Okueva and the earlier explosion near the Espresso TV channel HQ in Kyiv, which killed two people and injured MP deputy Ihor Mosiychuk, should not be consi...

China views Ukraine as platform for exports to EU – trade envoy


Ukraine's Trade Representative Natalia Mykolska says China perceives Ukraine as a platform for exporting its products to the European Union, and counts on exports of Ukrainian goods, in particular, food and industrial products.

Ukraine journo charged with espionage in Belarus dismissed from intel service back in 2009 – Mili...


The press service of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine refuted the claim by the Belarusian KGB of the alleged involvement of a Ukrainian journalist Pavlo Sharoiko in espionage.

Russian mercenaries mortared positions near Vodiane, Pavlopil, Chermalyk, - ATO HQ


The positions of the Ukrainian army came under strikes with weapons banned by the Minsk accords as the Russian-terrorist forces breached truce 11 times today, Nov. 20.


“Искусство кирпичика”: в Небраске открылась выставка Лего:


У Києві нападники з арматурою громили кіоски з гральними автоматами…


Показали країни, в які безпечно подорожувати #новини #новости


Шум під водою не пов’язаний з субмариною, пошуки тривають… via @ukrpravda_news